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Lincoln Chen Featured in the Lancet Profile

CMB President Dr. Lincoln Chen was recently featured in the Lancet March (30, 2010).

Lancet Southeast Asia Series: Authors Workshop, Gadjah Mada Medical School, Yogyakarta, February 22-23, 2010

An ambitious and unusual Lancet series will engage scientists from 10 countries in Southeast Asia mapping health in this region which has a population size of over half a billion people, spanning wealthy countries like Singapore to extremely poor countries like Laos, populous countries like Indonesia to small states like Brunei spread across vast oceans.

Lancet-Japan Planning Meeting, Odawara, Japan, February 18-19, 2010

Japan has the longest national life expectancy in the world. It also had nearly a half century of universal health coverage. What explains the Japan health phenomenon? How can lessons from Japan be mobilized for mutual learning in Japan and around the world? Answering these questions is the purpose of a series of papers to be commissioned in a Lancet Japan initiative.

Health in Southeast Asia: The Lancet Series

Southeast Asia is a microcosm of global health, according to The Lancet’s recently released series on the health of the region, where different sociopolitical dynamics, paths of economic development, and cultural and religious practices have catalyzed a range of health achievements and responses to new health challenges.

CMB 2010 Shenyang Conference on Priorities in Chinese Medical Education

On January 10-11, 2010, leading faculty and experts from 24 medical universities/schools in China participated in a two-day conference focusing on Chinese medical education in Shenyang. China Medical University hosted the conference supported by a grant from the China Medical Board (CMB).

Getting Health Workers to Under-Served Populations: Asian Action Alliance on Human Resources for Health, Hanoi, Vietnam

China Medical Board joined the Vietnam Ministry of Health, WHO, World Bank, and the Rockefeller Foundation to support an Asian conference to promote "getting committed health workers to the underserved areas: a challenge for health systems." The Asia-wide regional meeting was conducted by the Asian Action Alliance on Human Sources for Health in Hanoi, Vietnam on November 23-24, 2009.

Vietnam Hoi An Lancet Southeast Asia Workshop

Hosted by the Hanoi School of Public Health and funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies, an authors’ workshop for the Second Lancet Southeast Asia Health Series was conducted in Hoi An, Vietnam on October 8-9, 2009.