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Launch of China Nursing Consortium of Elite Teaching Hospitals

The Board of the China Consortium of Elite Teaching Hospitals (for physician residency education) just launched a parallel Nursing Consortium that aims to strengthen training programs for nurses in the Consortium hospitals. The Nursing Consortium is comprised of 9 leading Chinese hospitals, and Consortium Chair President Zhao Yupei of Peking Union Medical College Hospital presented appointment certificates to each institution's nursing director, who will serve on the Nursing Consortium Executive Committee.

Third Annual Forum – Building a Community of Equity Fellows

The Equity Initiative's Third Annual Forum, held in Pattaya, Thailand, January 25-29, 2109, demonstrated that Fellows feel a strong connection to EI and are enthusiastic about introducing incoming Fellows to the goal of advancing health equity in Southeast Asia and China.

China Transplant Conference Focuses on the “China Model”

About 1,400 transplant surgeons and health staff attended the China-International Organ Donation Congress, held in Xi’an on September 21. In recent years, China has introduced a computer-based data bank to track donors and organs, promulgated a criminal code addressing organ trafficking, and begun formulating a “China Model” for organ donation and transplantation.

2018 Fellows Synthesize Leadership Learning and Refine Project Proposals

At the week-long Project Accelerator, 2018 Equity Fellows discussed some of the challenges they are likely to encounter as they work on equity-related issues and practiced constructive ways to respond to those challenges.

Asia Trek: Exposure to Development, Health, and Equity in Indonesia

The 2018 Asia Trek, held August 5-12, focused on Indonesia and introduced Equity Fellows to some of the ways in which the country's development context, policymaking processes, and social and cultural practices shape access to quality healthcare services, particularly for poor and vulnerable populations.

Global Learning during Harvard Week for Equity Fellows

The second part of the Equity Initiative's Global Learning module took place on the Harvard University campus. Fellows engaged in dialogue with researchers and specialists in various aspects of social, economic, and health equity; strengthened skills in leadership and negotiation; and visited community organizations that serve marginalized populations.

Global Learning in Cuba: Equity Achievements and Challenges

During a weeklong trip to Havana and Pinar del Río, Cuba, Fellows explored aspects of Cuba’s history and culture, as well as its social, economic, and political contexts, in order to better understand the ways in which the country promotes health equity.

Chinese Talent in Global Health

CMB was an early supporter of global health training in China, and it has encouraged Chinese universities to integrate global health curricula into medical and public health education. Three recent grants to Chinese institutions will give young Chinese faculty, researchers, and practitioners training and field experience in developing countries.