Sharing Lessons from COVID-19: A Video Collection

Rennta Chrisdiana: A tourism community in Yogyakarta, Indonesia is supported through COVID-19

When our Equity Initiative Fellows complete their induction year, they are welcomed into the global community of Atlantic Fellows. The Equity Initiative is one of 7 programs supported through the Atlantic Institute. Our Fellows are encouraged to engage with other dynamic, equity-focused professionals and given opportunities to seek additional resources to support their work. 

Through the Atlantic Institute’s Solidarity Grants program, a number of our Fellows in Southeast Asia received support in 2020 for their efforts to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on their communities. As designed by the Atlantic Institute, Solidarity Grants provided small (up to £25.000) and short-term grants that would scaffold and support Fellows’ collective work to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on endangered and vulnerable communities. As implemented, the projects reflect our Fellows’ passion for health equity, their insights into the needs of local communities, and their practical approaches to introducing change. In short videos, seven of our Fellows share some of the findings of their projects as well as their thoughts on continuing needs and ways to meet them. Please click on the video titles to view. 

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