Taking Stock of EI’s Impact: Reflections from Our Fellows


Through the Equity Initiative, our Fellows from Southeast Asia and China gain a deeper understanding of health equity concepts and practices, examine approaches to enhancing equity from other parts of Asia and the world, build up their leadership skills, and develop new ideas they can apply in their own work.  They also become connected to a community of changemakers within their cohort, across all eight EI cohorts, and among the six other Atlantic Fellows programs. It’s a comprehensive approach, and Fellows feel the impact of their EI experience on both professional and personal levels. 

Reflection is an integral part of the Equity Initiative experience, and several Fellows recently shared their reflections on how EI has become a source of inspiration for them. 

Adisorn Juntrasook (2023, Thailand)
The Greatest Gift Has Been My Cohort of Fellows
[T]he greatest gift has been my cohort of Fellows. This extraordinary group of individuals from Southeast Asia and China, each driving positive impact in their own communities, has become a constant source of inspiration. Read more. 

Chan Chi Ling (2022, Singapore)
Living a Purpose: From the Power of One to the Power of Many
The power of one is small and beautiful, but it is through the power of many that systemic barriers to equity can be torn down. That’s what Equity Initiative has been for me: it is the coming together of many “powers of one” to form a power of many that shares a common purpose. Read more. 

Meriam Tedding (2024, Philippines) 
Finding Unity in Diversity
I believe that what EI has been doing all these years is a perfect example of the celebration of cultural diversity. Empowering diverse groups in Southeast Asia and China, of people from different walks of life and backgrounds in hopes of pursuing health equity for ALL, regardless of their religion, tradition, cultural belief and profession. Read more.