What We Do

The mission of China Medical Board is to advance health, equity, and the quality of care in China and Southeast Asia. Working in a spirit of partnership at the forefront of strategic philanthropy, CMB strives to build capacity in an interdependent world that fosters innovation in professional education, policy research, and global health.

CMB’s current program was launched in 2008 as a new initiative to strengthen scientific excellence in “critical capacities” among institutions in China and Southeast Asia to address the premier health challenges of the 21st century—equitable access to primary health care in market-driven economies so that the benefits of knowledge will be equitably shared by all people. CMB thus focuses on strengthening capacities in health policy and system sciences and the education of health professionals. In its pursuits, CMB emphasizes scientific excellencepromotes social equity, and seeks collaboration through partnerships.

CMB works in China and the five Mekong countries of Southeast Asia. In China, CMB prioritizes work in Health Policy and Systems Sciences (HPS) and Health Professional Education (HPE). CMB’s HPS program seeks to strengthen academic capacity to generate intelligence for guiding improved health policies and systems operations. The program supports two HPS centers and 8-10 collaborating programs to build institutional as well as individual capacities. CMB also in China collaborates to pioneer reforms in HPE. The work entails promoting innovations in instructional and institutional design in public health, nursing, and medical education that prepares future health leaders. CMB’s third program in Southeast Asia works to strengthen capacities in HPS and HPE in Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. The Southeast Asia work focuses on these Mekong countries building health policy capacity, reform of health professional education, and strengthening of regional networks of collaboration.