Please Note: Throughout its history, the China Medical Board has adopted a policy of not accepting unsolicited grant proposals. Thus, inquiries or unsolicited proposals may not receive an expeditious reply. The rationale is straightforward — CMB's strategic grant making is highly focused on targeted activities to advance its mission. In its earliest phase, CMB devoted nearly all of its financing to the Peking Union Medical College. Since 1950, CMB’s grant making has been directed at a limited number of carefully selected Chinese and Asian universities. CMB encourages international groups wishing to work in China to establish relationships directly with CMB-affiliated Chinese and Asian institutions.

You can contact the China Medical Boad by mail, phone:

China Medical Board, USA:

2 Arrow Street
Cambridge, MA
United States
Phone: 617-979-8000

China Medical Board, CHINA:

1st Floor, Old Building 12
Peking Union Medical College Hospital
No. 1 Shuaifuyuan, Dongcheng District
Beijing 100730
Phone: 010-6524-4460

CMB Foundation, Southeast Asia:

591 UBCII Tower, Unit 1204(A), 12th Floor
Sukhumvit Road
Bangkok 10110
Phone: 66 2 258 0626