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Transnational History of Health in Southeast Asia

A new CMB project takes a fresh approach to the study of health in this dynamic region by focusing on the shared interests of historians, epidemiologists and other public health practitioners, and policymakers. By looking through the prisms of interaction and exchange, this study will shed new light on how ideas about medicine and health have traveled within and beyond Southeast Asia.

Health and Medicine in Twentieth-Century China: Celebrating CMB's 100th Anniversary in 2014

A team of Chinese and international scholars, led by historians Mary Brown Bullock, Chair of the CMB Board of Trustees and Bridie Andrews, Professor of History, Bentley University presented their studies of significant cultural, scientific, political, and economic transitions of the past century at a workshop held at MIT’s Endicott House on December 10-11, 2011.

Rural Health Network Takes Shape in Western China

More than 70 participants, including the deans of nine medical universities, attended a CMB Western Rural Health Network Workshop in the capital city of Inner Mongolia, Hohhot, on September 3-5, 2011. Reports on CMB-funded projects highlighted progress to date in promoting innovative education to prepare rural doctors in underdeveloped provinces of China.

The Lancet Japan Series: National Achievements, Global Lessons

At a September 1 Symposium in Tokyo organized by the Japan Center for International Exchange, Lancet editor Richard Horton said the Japan series represents “the greatest concentration of Japanese health expertise ever brought together in a western medical journal.”

Health Policy and Systems Sciences: A Framework for Policy and Management

The emerging field of health policy and systems sciences (HPSS) integrates interdisciplinary knowledge from fields such as clinical medicine and public health, ethics and politics, economics and political science, and evaluation methods, combined with modeling and organizational theory.

CMB and Peking Union Medical College: A Shared History

The histories of CMB and Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) are intrinsically linked: CMB was founded in 1914 by the Rockefeller Foundation to support PUMC’s development. PUMC convened a seminar May 6 to examine the history of PUMC, CMB, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Commission Report: The View from Asia

Five months after the Commission on the Education of Health Professionals for the 21st Century issued its report, health professionals in Asian countries are considering ways to implement some of the recommendations into their own national systems for medical education.

Westlake Forum III

Both China and the United States are undertaking significant reforms to address deficiencies in healthcare coverage, access, quality, fragmentation, and costs. More than 200 American and Chinese health professionals found value in discussing these common challenges, as well as their respective governments’ responses to them, at the CMB-supported Westlake Forum III, held April 10-12 at Emory University in Atlanta.

Training Village Doctors in the Cross-Border Region of Yunnan

CMB President Lincoln Chen and Beijing Office Director Roman Xu (徐东) spent 3 days touring rural Yunnan Province hosted by Vice President LI Yan (李艳) and Director LIU Hong (刘红) of Kunming Medical College. Kunming Medical University is a major institution with 13 health sciences faculties, ten affiliated hospitals, and many more clinical and field teaching sites.

Kolkata Group Urges Universal Health Coverage for Equity in India

Why are economic gains not translated into social equity? That was a central question of the Kolkata Group’s Ninth Annual Forum, held February 18-19 in Kolkata, India. CMB President Lincoln Chen, who co-founded the Kolkata Group, joined Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen and 40 other social scientists, policy makers, NGO leaders, and development experts to examine social equity in India.