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Happy Year of the Rabbit

Happy Lunar New Year of the Rabbit to our CMB friends and colleagues!

As we welcome the lunar new year, we extend our best wishes to all of you in Chinese—yù tù yíng chūn
(玉兔迎春)—which is to say, “The Jade Rabbit welcomes the spring.”  The rabbit symbolizes longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture, which are fitting sentiments for 2023.  We mark the beginning of this new year filled with hope that, as colleagues and friends, we can continue to work toward strengthening the systems that improve the health and well-being of people throughout the world.

China Medical Board Announces the Appointment of Dr. Roger I. Glass as President

The Trustees of China Medical Board announce the appointment of Roger I. Glass, MD, PhD as the next President of China Medical Board. Effective January 15, 2023, Dr. Glass will be President-designate, and he will assume the presidency on April 15, 2023. After this three-month transition period, Dr. Barbara J. Stoll, who has served as CMB President since January 1, 2021, will remain a Senior Advisor to CMB,.

Health Professions Education in Asia: Challenges, Innovations, and Opportunities

CMB convened a “Workshop on Health Professions Education in Asia” with trustees, staff, and invited colleagues from Asia in order to survey recent challenges, innovations, and opportunities in the field of health professions education and to gain insights from recent work of our Asian colleagues. The half-day workshop took place on November 2, 2022, immediately preceding the International Conference on the Future of Health Professions Education, held on the University of Miami campus.

Season's Greetings to Our Colleagues and Friends

On behalf of CMB’s trustees and staff, I extend warm wishes to all our colleagues and friends for this holiday season.  This season of celebration is also a time for reflection and anticipation:  to appreciate the partnerships that enable CMB to make progress toward its mission and, together with our partners throughout the world, to consider new ways in which we can collaborate to make the world a healthier place.


Giving Shape to the Equity Initiative

Launched in 2016 with the support of CMB and the Atlantic Philanthropies, the Equity Initiative is now six cohorts strong, with 127 Fellows from 12 countries. EI Executive Director Le Nhan Phuong and EI Program Director Piya Hanvoravongchai have been engaged in the program since the early discussions of its goals and structure, and their expertise, insights, and life experiences have helped to shape the program. They recently shared some of the milestones in their respective career paths, their understanding of leadership and health equity, and the contributions they have made to EI.

Project Accelerator: Expanding the Toolkit for Second-Year Projects

The Equity Initiative's Project Accelerator is designed to help Fellows bring clarity and structure to the goals for their second-year equity projects, through additional skills training, guidance from resource persons, and peer feedback. At Project Accelerator 2022, held October 22-28 in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Fellows took a fresh look at their proposed group projects, and found renewed motivation for collaboration as they built up key skills and received valuable feedback from resource persons and each other.

Happy Thanksgiving to Our Partners and Colleagues

The Thanksgiving holiday, celebrated in the United States on November 24, is an occasion to express our gratitude to CMB’s many partners and colleagues throughout the world. We are indeed fortunate to have so many individuals and institutions working alongside us to advance health, equity, and the quality of care throughout Asia.

Harvey Fineberg Delivers Inaugural Lincoln C. Chen Lecture in Global Health

CMB Trustee Harvey Fineberg delivered the Inaugural Lincoln C. Chen Lecture in Global Health on November 4, 2022, to an audience of health professionals, educators, students, and others attending the International Conference on the Future of Health Professions Education on the University of Miami campus. Dr. Fineberg described Lincoln Chen – a colleague and friend of many decades – as an icon for global health whose career has been distinguished by his steadfast commitment to equity in health, and as a leader who found ways to help others do their best work.

Universities in Viet Nam, Lao PDR, and Cambodia Work to Strengthen Collaboration in Medical Education

The initial in-person gathering for the CMB-supported project on “Strengthening Collaboration in Medical Education Between Viet Nam, Lao PDR, and Cambodia” represented a first step in building community and a culture of learning among medical educators from participating universities.

Clinical Scholar Innovation Grants Program: Fellows Report on Progress and Milestones

In 2021, CMB initiated the merit-based Clinical Scholar Innovation Grants Program to further support the academic productivity and professional development of CMB Clinical Education Fellow and Consortium Clinical Education Fellows. In its first round, the program supported  the projects of six Fellows, giving them an opportunity to develop  a research project, lead a project team, and expand their professional networks. Fellows reported on the progress of their projects during a September 23 videoconference.