Bringing Everyone Forward: International Day of Women & Girls in Science


The United Nations has designated February 11 as the International Day of Women & Girls in Science, a day to recognize the expertise that women professionals bring to a wide array of scientific fields, to encourage talented young women to pursue scientific careers, and to engage girls in STEM studies at a young age. Having found a rewarding career in medicine and as the proud mother of a young woman who has also chosen medicine as her profession, this issue is particularly important to me personally.

To commemorate this year’s International Day of Women & Girls in Science, the UN has chosen the theme of “Bringing Everyone Forward,” exactly the right call to action for the times we live in. There has never been a greater need for science-based solutions to the challenges we face – including climate change, disaster preparedness, health and medicine, and other new and emerging threats. We need the hearts and minds – the ideas, expertise, passion, and commitment – of all if we are to make progress in addressing the challenges our world faces.

That call to “bring everyone forward” has long been part of CMB’s mission, always open to innovative approaches to expand horizons and build meaningful collaborations. We are pleased to support a new program on “Preparing and Advancing Women for Leadership in Health Sciences,” being developed and implemented by Peking University Health Science Center and the University of Michigan. Through ongoing guidance from both institutions and a one-year program at the University of Michigan that will include focused mentorship, executive coaching, and skill-building workshops, the program aims to prepare women faculty members for senior leadership roles – thereby helping to bridge the gap between the growing number of women in faculty roles and the still limited number of women in leadership roles at leading healthcare institutions.

We look forward to continuing to work with our partners in Asia and globally, to find innovative and inclusive ways of bringing everyone forward.

Barbara J. Stoll
CMB President