Honoring Roger Glass’s Leadership of the Fogarty International Center

CMB President-Designate Roger I. Glass was honored on February 7 for his remarkable tenure as the longest-serving director of the Fogarty International Center of the National Institutes of Health. His leadership and contributions to the field of global health were recognized by Dr. Francis Collins, former director of the National Institutes of Health, other NIH leaders, Fogarty Advisory Board members, grantees, and other colleagues. In his opening remarks, Peter Kilmarx, Fogarty’s Acting Director, summarized some of the ways that Roger’s leadership strengthened the work of the Fogarty International Center and the field of global health: “Under [Roger’s] leadership, Fogarty has trained thousands of international scientists, including many now at the forefront of global health, international programs in HIV/AIDS, noncommunicable diseases, and response to pandemic threats worldwide, including most recently, COVID-19.”

In his own remarks, Roger reflected on some of the highlights of nearly 17 years of leading the Center and paid tribute to the Center’s staff and partners. He also expressed optimism about the future of the field of global health, describing it as “a field that has risen in prominence” and prticularly appealing to “young people who see globalization as part of the twenty-first century and want to have a world experience.”

Roger Glass will become president of the China Medical Board effective April 15.

To view the video of the February 7 event, click here.