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Global Health Leadership Development Program: Successful Pre-Departure Training for Fellows

The first cohort of Global Health Leadership Development Program Fellows participated in pre-departure training in Beijing, August 21-26. In collaboration with the Yale School of Medicine and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), the six Fellows will undertake individually tailored mentored training and gain practical field experience in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC).

Asia Trek 2022: Exploring Purpose, Potential, and Paradox in Singapore

Over the course of the August 13-20 Asia Trek, our 2022 EI Fellows explored the interplay between excellence and equity in Singapore’s health system, as well as the country’s “whole society” approach to designing and implementing services. Fellows engaged in dialogues with policy leaders and experts from a range of sectors, took a close-up look at how Singapore is addressing migrant health and mental health, and, through sharing their own reflections and insights, deepened the social bonding within their cohort.

In Their Own Words: EI Fellows Reflect on Global Learning

Global Learning, held in Atlanta and Boston June 4-18, gave our 2021 and 2022 Fellows much food for thought (read an earlier story here). Following the program, some of Fellows reflected on what they took away from the experience, in a brief video produced by the EI team. “I felt that the most important takeaway for me was actually the inspiration, to want to challenge myself, to want to do more,” one Fellow said, and others shared the value of connecting with health leaders, equity advocates, and most importantly, each other. Please take a few minutes to hear directly from our Fellows! Click here to watch the video. Our thanks to Kim Cruz, EI’s Communication Manager, for producing the video.

CMB 2019-2021 Report: Our Mission, Current Programs, and Outlook for the Future

CMB’s 2019-2021 report highlights the programs that CMB’s staff and partners have developed and implemented over the past several years. This report covers a period of transition within CMB – with Lincoln Chen’s retirement after 14 years as CMB’s president – and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which required us to rethink how we direct our resources and design our programs.  The programs highlighted in the report rest upon a firm foundation of collaborative partnerships, as well as the CMB staff's steadfast commitment to the mission of advancing health, equity, and the quality of care.

Rich Legacy, Ambitious Future

The July 7-9 Atlantic Leadership Convening in Phuket, Thailand, brought together the leadership of the seven interconnected Atlantic Fellows programs, including our own Equity Initiative, for thought-provoking conversations about what these programs have achieved to date and their goals for the future.  Collectively, these seven fellowship programs represent AP’s “big bet” on changemakers who will work to create fairer, healthier, and more inclusive societies. CMB was proud to join AP in launching the Equity Initiative (EI) in 2016 – and six years later, what EI and the other equity-focused programs have already accomplished exceeds all expectations.

CMB’s Open Competition: Supporting Research and Developing Leaders

Initially focused on health policy sciences,CMB's Open Competition (OC) grants program has expanded to include other areas that are essential to healthy societies, such as quality of care, health technology assessment, and primary health care. The OC also serves as a leadership development program.

Farewell winter, Welcome spring

While snow fell in Beijing last week, it could not diminish the welcome signs of spring’s arrival. We thank our Beijing colleagues for sharing these uplifting photos.

The Pandemic at Two Years: A Reflection

Two years ago, when the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic, few among us could have imagined the ways in which this global public health emergency would affect us as individuals and communities. For CMB, an organization that relies upon collaboration, face-to-face exchanges, and candid discussions, the limited opportunities to gather in person have been a sharp departure from our past practices. Yet during these complex times, our history of collaborations and trust has never been more important.
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In Honor of International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, CMB recognizes all the women who contribute to our mission of advancing health, equity, and the quality of care in China and Southeast Asia. It is indeed inspiring to see the many ways in which institutional leaders, health providers, educators, policy makers and so many other women professionals have dedicated themselves to improving the health and well-being of others. We wish you a very happy International Women’s Day!


Paul Farmer, A Leader for Health Equity

The world is mourning the tragic death of Paul Farmer, who died on February 21 at age 62. Dr. Farmer was a transformative figure in medicine and public health. A physician and anthropologist, he was a pioneer in the field of social medicine, recognizing that illness often has social roots and effective treatment requires addressing social structures as well as medical care. His career offers many valuable lessons for CMB Equity Initiative Fellows, and our 2016 Fellows (pictured at left) were fortunate to meet with him during their Global Learning experience in Cambridge, Mass.