Implementation of Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infection Control in ICU Settings

Investigate the impact of implementation of CLABSI prevention bundle on the CLABSI incidence rates among patients in three different types of ICUs in Peking
University First Hospital.

Reducing Ventilator-associated Pneumoniae (VAP) Incidence and Improving Patients’ Outcome in Chinese ICUs

Assess the effectiveness and feasibility of implementing a management bundle, proven in high-income countries, to reduce ventilator-associated
pneumonia (VAP) in Chinese ICUs.

Active Screening and IPC Interventions for Intestinal Colonization of Carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in ICUs

A prospective, multi-center study will provide new insights into CRE between environmental contamination in healthcare settings and colonization and infection of patients, as well as assess the effect of a combination of active screening and strict IPC interventions.

Effectiveness of a Novel Multidisciplinary Endoscope Reprocessing Competency Program

The project aims to compare the effectiveness of mERCP-t with traditional training methods in 40 county hospitals in Hunan Province and to create mERCP-qc, an online app-based platform.

Developing a Competency-based Simulation Training System for Surgical Residents

Develop a standardized SBT platform for surgical residents in China with competency-based assessments and evaluations, which will help bridge the gap between college education and real-life surgical procedures for surgical residents.

Zhejiang University First Affiliated Hospital

A Study on Teaching Methods for Laparoscopic Skills Based on Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

A modular laparoscopic surgery training program, centered on laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair (LIHR), will be implemented across Zhongshan
Hospital and its medical consortium.

Fudan University Zhongshan Hospital

Empower Pediatric Resident Doctors: The Pediatrics Leadership Program

Establish a framework for pediatric leadership and ultimately improve physicans' professional competence in providing better medical services and
patient experiences for children. Additionally, train a group of high-quality leadership instructors.

Peking University First Hospital


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