CMB-OC: Diagnosis and treatment of NCDs

The study aims to examine the quality of care for unstable angina, diabetes and hypertension in rural primary care facilities.

CMB-OC: National essential public health services

The study will evaluate the effectiveness of the National Essential Public Health Services in the past 9 years and provide evidence for further policy making.

CMB-OC: Telemedicine in primary care

The study will use the framework of “normalization process theory” to identify the factors that affect the effectiveness of telemedicine.

CMB-OC: Rural general practitioners

This study aims to measure the competence, responsiveness, productivity and job mobility of physicians who were enrolled in a GP training program.

CMB-OC: Stroke secondary prevention

This cohort study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a WeChat-based platform for managing and preventing stroke.

CMB-OC: Physician-pharmacist collaborative clinics

This study will develop a new cross-disciplinary model to provide better care for diabetes patients.

CMB-OC: Intervention to children obesity

A community-based intervention will be piloted with 6 families and 50 children and its effectiveness will be evaluated.


PUMC 100th Anniversary Reception

Co-sponsorship of an event marking Peking Union Medical College's 100th anniversary.

PUMC Alumni Association

Faculty Development Workshop for China Consortium

Adaptation of a course on residency education faculty development will support the efforts of the Consortium of Elite Teaching Hospitals in Residency Education.


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