Self-Study Reinforcement and Dissemination

Tsinghua University will develop and disseminate the Self-Study methodology among Chinese hospitals for the continuous improvement of China’s graduate medical education (GME).

Westlake Youth Forum IV

This forum brings together domestic and overseas Chinese young scholars together topromote health policy research.

Support China Organ Transplant Policy Development

The project's goal is to document progress of organ transplantation in China. Funding will support support an international conference and the production of a white paper.


China Organ Transplantation Development Foundation

Support 4+4 Medical Education Reform

The project will develop a new curriculum focusing on clinical skills and competency.

Westlake Youth Forum IV

The forum brings together domestic and overseas Chinese young scholars together to promote health policy research.


CMB-OC: Impacts of gate-keeping policy on TB

The study aims to develop an epidemic model framework and calculate the prevalence of new infections under different policy scenarios.

CMB-OC: Smartphone-based virtual patients

The research team plans to develop a smartphone-based VP and test its validation on primary healthcare physicians in 7 provinces of China.

CMB-OC: AI systems in primary care

This study aims to examine the acceptance and potential barriers of implementing ophthalmic AI systems for early screening and auxiliary diagnosis.


CMB-OC: Blood-pressure telemonitoring

The study aims to develop a blood pressure telemonitoring model and use a randomized control trial to test its effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.


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