Investigation of Bacterial Contamination of Dental unit Waterlines & Biofilm-controlling Tubing Materials Development

A cross-sectional investigation across 20 stomatological hospitals in Shandong Province to assess DUWL contamination and analyze differences based on hospital types, stomatological specialties, and DUWL outlets.

Risk Management for Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infection in ICU

To assess the epidemiological characteristics, disease burden, clinical impacts, risk factors, prediction model, and the effectiveness and safety of interventions have been taken clinically for CLABSI.

Establishment of an Optimized Dialysis Event Surveillance and Control Protocol through a Prospective Surveillance on Hemodialysis Patients

This study aims to develop a dialysis event surveillance protocol that suits the national conditions of China, which may be also suitable for  developing or low- or middle-income countries.

Study on the epidemiology and transmission dynamics of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacterales

This project aims to build a joint network for the prevention and control of CRE in the bi-directional referral context.

Exploring Feasibility and Sustainability of Cross-silo Collaborative Techniques to Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance in Remote Area

This project aims to provide evidence-based support for implementing cross-silo techniques in hand hygiene management by Sichuan Province's Infection Control and Prevention Center.

Development of an Intelligent Real-time Pathogen Surveillance and Warning Tool Based on Healthcare Microbiology Laboratories and Evaluation of Effectiveness

Develop an intelligent pathogen surveillance and warning tool and evaluate the impact of the tool on the incidence rate of hospital-acquired infections.

Impact of Penicillin Allergy and Alternative Antibiotic Use on Healthcare-acquired Infections and Its Solution

A retrospective cohort study aims to compare the incidence of HAIs between patients with and without penicillin allergy (PA), and propose a history-based evaluation workflow to stratify the cross-reactivity risk in patients with PA.

Multicenter, Comprehensive Study of Nosocomial Infection Related to Breast Reconstruction Implants in China

Research leading to a comprehensive profile of postoperative infections, key pathogenic characteristics, and the effects of breast implants and ADM on microbial behavior and immune response.

Research on the Development of an Intelligent Early Warning System Integrated Syndromeoriented Monitoring and Multi-source Heterogeneity Data Surveillance for Nosocomial Infection in the Hospital Setting

Develop an intelligent syndrome-oriented early warning system based on multi-source heterogeneity data, and address the limitations of the existing surveillance methods.

Implementation Study to Promote Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs in Oncology Settings

The project aims to identify barriers and facilitators to AMS in oncology through surveys and interviews.


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