CMB-CP in Health Technology Assessment

This renewed Collaborating Program aims to establish a national platform for integrating health technology assessment (HTA) with policy-making through HTA research, education and training.

CMB-CP in Environmental Health Policy

This renewed Collaborating Program proposes to build capacity for air pollution health research, training and policy development in China.

CMB-CP in Healthy Aging

This renewed Collaborating Program will use China Health and Retirement Study data to analyze policy issues on healthy aging in China.

CMB-OC: Effect of Insurance Types on Quality of Care

This study will evaluate the impact of insurance type on the quality of care in outpatients of county hospitals in Guizhou Province.

CMB-OC: Measure Hospital Quality of Care

This project will develop a national quality measurement framework and indicators to monitor and evaluate inpatient care.

CMB-OC: Question-Answering System for GP Training

This project will build a virtual educational and practice support tool, an online evidence-based Q&A system to support GPs at the point of care.

CMB-OC: Improve Migrants' Access to PH Services

Investigators will study 60 communities in Shandong Province in order to better understand the constraints that migrants face in accessing public health services.

CMB-OC: GDM Prevention in Rural Areas

This project aims to prevent Type 2 diabetes in women with prior gestational diabetes mellitus in rural China using an evidence-based intensive lifestyle modification program.

CMB-OC: Point of Care for Cervical Cancer

This study will evaluate a new "screen-and-treat" model for cervical cancer at the point of care in a low-resource settin in China.

CMB-OC: Manage Psychoses in Western China

With the Ningxia Department of Health and Family Planning, this project will conduct an assessment of data on 19,000 individuals in China's 686 registry for serious mental illnesses in rural areas.


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