Shanghai Jiaotong Medical School China Nursing Association Peking Union Medical Foundation

Consortium Nurse Residency Training

This project supports the China Consortium of Elite Teaching Hospitals in improving residency training of new junior nurses.

Primary Care Nurse Practitioners Training

This project pilots training and using nurse practitioner (NP) to provide primary care in China, focusing on 2 cohorts of midcareer hospital nurses.

Self-Study Reinforcement and Dissemination

This grant supports development and dissemination of the self-study methodology among Chinese hospitals for the continuous improvement of graduate medical education.

Silk Road Global Health Fellowship Program II

This 2nd phase of the fellowship program continues with immersive field trips to health facilities in a developing country, training events, and a website serving as a resource center for participants

Hainan Medical University

Research Supporting Health Reform in Hainan

This grant will help Hainan Medical University develop relevant disciplines and conduct research and local capacity building in support of health reform in Hainan.

CMB-CP in Evidence-Based Policy

This project will use real-world data (e.g., patient registries, electronic health records) to produce high-quality and locally applicable evidence for health policy makers and practitioners.


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