CMB-OC: Burden of Antimicrobial Resistance

The research team will learn more about the burden of antimicrobial resistance through a study of bloodstream infections.

CMB-OC: Support Dementia Caregivers

This study will adapt a web-based dementia caregiver support system to improve quality of care and quality of life for family caregivers and patients.

CMB-OC: Aged Care Nurse Training

The project will implement and test the effects of the Aged Care Clinical Mentoring (ACCM) model on the quality of care at 10 nursing homes in Hunan Province.

CMB-OC: Rural Cataract Surgery

The study will examine the effectiveness of counseling and free provision on patients’ acceptance of cataract surgery, and the surgery’s influence on patients’ economic productivity.

CMB-OC: Rural GDM Screening and Treatment

The study will compare a subsidized gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) screening and treatment group and a non-subsidized group in two rural counties.

E-platform for Clinical Education

This project will develop a distance education and diagnosis platform for clinical education based on the big data system of Central South University.

Tsinghua University Education Foundation

Silk Road Global Health Fellowship

This grant provides global health field exposure to junior faculty and global health professionals through immersion study and visits in countries along the Silk Belt and Road.

CMB-CP in Migrant Health Policy

The SYSU-based migrant center will strengthen its capacity through continuing research on migrant health problem, access to healthcare, and migrant health policy.

CMB-CP in Western China Rural Health Research

This grant will support research and training by next generation investigators at Sichuan University's Western China Research Center for Rural Health Development.


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