Building Leadership and Network in Global Health

This project will support the Peking University Department of Global Health to improve and cultivate leadership of Chinese practitioners and young scholars in global health.

E-Learning: Nursing Health Assessment

This project will develop MOOCs about nursing health assessment, computerized simulation training software, and an open online discussion platform.

E-learning: Disaster Response and Rehabilitation

This project aims to create a MOOC on disaster response and rehabilitation in the rural setting that can serve as a model of online disaster medical education.

E-learning: Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Images

The goal of this project is to develop an e-learning software package of endoscopic education for entry-level learners; in the second phase, a randomized controlled trial will evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of the package.

E-learning: Dentists Imaging Training

This project will construct an online teaching and learning platform for Chinese grassroots dentists to access standardized training on basic oral radiographic skills.

E-learning: Physical Therapists Training

This e-learning platform will offer participants a self-paced, interactive educational environment for physical therapist training.

E-learning: Dermatologist Distance Continuing Medical Education

This project aims to create a cloud classroom to improve community-level practitioners’ diagnosis and treatment skills of skin diseases.

E-learnng: Neurosurgical Computer Simulation

This project is designed to create a computer-based training system as a supplement to the existing traditional neurosurgical training mode.

E-Learning: Audio-Visual Resources of Testing Treatments

This project aims to develop AV products to clarify core terms of evidence-based medicine (EBM) for medical students, so that they are better able to understand and evaluate the EBM literature.

CMB-OC: Health Effects of PM 2.5 in Beijing

This project will study the population of six communities in Beijing to help ascertain if a relationship exists between Type 2 diabetes mellitus and PM 2.5 air pollution.


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