Global Health Leadership Development Program

Supplement to grants 20-393 and 22-455.

Peking Union Medical College 105th Anniversary

Support for events to mark 105th anniversary of PUMC.

Preparing and Advancing Women for Leadership in the Health Sciences

Outstanding female physicians with leadership potential will be selected from clinical hospitals affiliated with Peking University Health Science Center to undertake one-year training program at the University of Michigan Medical School, to strengthen their skills in clinical, education, research, and hospital management.

Strengthening the Health Emergency Response Against Natural Disasters: A Case Study on Floods in Wuchang

The project, using a multi-disciplinary case study in Wuchang, seeks to improve the health emergency response system against natural disasters.

Building Immediate Emergency Care in Disaster Response Through a Collaboration Between Fire and Rescue Service and Emergency Medical Services

The project will focus on identifying the deficiencies in the basic necessary capacity for life support within the China Fire and Rescue team.

Peking University Sixth Hospital

Multidisciplinary Training for Newly Recruited Health Workers to Promote Antimicrobial Stewardship in Chinese Tertiary Hospital

To establish a capacity-building and communication program for newly recruited health workers in a tertiary hospital, facilitating AMS implementation to optimize antibiotic use and HAIs management.

Exploiting Environmental Surveillance to Track Antimicrobial Resistance and Prevent Healthcare-Acquired Infections

To provide essential data for risk assessment of HAIs and to establish an environmental surveillance system for monitoring the
prevalence and dynamics of AMR in hospital settings.


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