CMB-CP in Pharmaceutical and Economic Policy

This project will develop HTA evidence submission guidelines and technical appraisal framework for the national health insurance negotiation with manufacturers.

Sponsoring HTAi China Conference

Support for hosting the Health Technology Assessment International (HTAi) annual meeting in Beijing in June 2020.

China National Health Development Research Center

Health Technology Assessment Demonstration Project

This program will  evaluate 2 groups of drugs, synthesize evidence from the cases, and present guidelines for health technology assessment and reassessment.

CMB-OC: Interventions to increase PHC utilization

This study will generate evidence for the effectiveness of the “small medicine box” approach (which includes physical check-up, common drugs, health education, and contact information of local GPs) and help its expansion, if validated.

CMB-OC: Smartphone-based virtual patients training

The study will use unannounced standardized patient (USP) as a tool to provide training for 500 primary healthcare practitioners in Gansu province.

CMB-OC: Vaccine confidence & communication

The study will explore the impacts of  scandals on parents’ choices fregarding vaccination for their children and develop a training program to help health professionals better communicate with parents and reduce their vaccination hesitancy.

CMB-OC: Preference for public medical institutions

This study aims to discover how the attributes of health care institutions and other factors affect rural residents’ seeking behaviors and willingness to pay for healthcare services.

CMB-OC: Health system barriers to vaccination

This study aims at discovering the barriers of timely vaccination for 5 diseases with both quantitative and qualitative methods.

Primary Care Nurse Practitioners Training

Nurse practitioner (NP) training as well as an experiment to investigate the NP practice model, policy incentives, and legal framework that fit the Chinese context.


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