CMB-OC: Rural Doctors Capacity Building

This project will develop health service quality metrics appropriate for rural clinics in Northwestern China and a system for rural doctors to assess their own performance and service quality.

CMB-OC: Inpatient Care Quality

This project will develop a set of quality indicators with risk-adjustment and a monitoring network for inpatient care quality among provincial tertiary hospitals.

CMB-OC: Quality Use of Medicines

This controlled trial will test whether having clinical pharmacists take the lead in medication management affects health outcomes and cost-effectiveness.

CMB-OC: Access to Maternal and Child Healthcare

This project will apply advanced econometric and GIS technologies to measure spatial access to maternal and child healthcare in Sichuan and provide layout planning for resource allocation.

CMB-OC: Maternal and Child Healthcare Inequity

This project’s aims to fill in China’s gap in analyzing and interpreting its equity profiles and help strengthen its capacity in monitoring maternal, neonatal, and child healthcare progress.

CMB-OC: Optimizing Health Spatial Equity

This study proposes to develop an integrated approach to improve measurement of spatial accessibility, in order to optimize resource allocation for primary health care in large areas.

CMB-OC: Migrants Health Equalization

This project will investigate migrants’ utilization of basic public health services, based on a 10-year government monitoring database and results of a qualitative survey.

Qinghai University Affiliated Hospital

CMB-OC: Rural Hypertension Management

This project will design, implement, and test the effects of an intervention delivered through WeChat for blood pressure management and CVD secondary prevention.

CMB-OC: Mental Health of AIDS Patients

Two randomized controlled trials will focus on interventions for depressive HIV-positive participants.


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