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China Daily Story Profiles Lincoln Chen and CMB

China has the potential to be a leader in global health and, by sharing its efforts in extending healthcare insurance and other experiences, it can help strengthen dialogues on healthcare equity and coverage. These are among the points that CMB President Lincoln Chen made in a recent interview with China Daily. The interview touches on both domestic topics, such as China’s need to build up its ranks of general practitioners, and international concerns, including the links between cross-border trade and health and taking action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Transformative Leaders for Health Equity in Southeast Asia

At the Prince Mahidol Award Conference in Bangkok on January 29, CMB announced an unprecedented partnership with the Atlantic Philanthropies to launch an ambitious program to nurture an entire generation of health leaders and a community of fellows and partners to advance health equity in Southeast Asia. The Transformative Leaders for Health Equity Initiative, supported by a pooled fund of $50 million (AP $40m; CMB $10m) and operating out of new CMB offices in Bangkok and Hanoi, aims to develop 500 leaders over the next two decades through peer, experiential, and online learning on health equity and leadership.

Japan to Host G7 Summit: Universal Health Coverage for Health Security

Japan will host the G7 summit in May 2016 in Ise Shima. To prepare, the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE) organized on December 16 an international conference on Universal Health Coverage in the New Development Era: Towards Building Resilient Health Systems.

PUMCH International Conference on Residency Education

A premier Chinese health challenge for the 21st century is to ensure quality of care for all of its citizens. Thus, national accreditation, certification, and faculty development emerged as the key themes addressed by the 2015 PUMCH International Conference on Residency Education and the 5th Westlake Forum, which opened on October 31 in Beijing. In his keynote speech, Lincoln Chen announced CMB’s partnership with Peking Union Medical College Hospital to enhance the quality of residency education.

Residency Training: Leadership by Seven Elite Universities and Affiliated Hospitals

A proposed China Consortium of Elite Hospitals for Residency Training convened 60 specialists to consider plans for improving the quality of residency training in China; the October 30 event was co-hosted by the PUMC Hospital and CMB.

Ke Yang Named to IOM

Professor Ke Yang, the Executive Vice President of Peking University and the Peking University Health Science Center, has been designated a Foreign Associate of the Institute of Medicine (recently renamed the National Academy of Medicine, a division of the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine in the United States). Election to membership in the IOM/NAM recognizes outstanding individuals who have made major contributions to the advancement of the medical sciences, health care, and public health.

Magnolia Silver Award to Lincoln Chen

CMB President Lincoln Chen received a Magnolia Silver Award from the Shanghai Municipal Government. This designation is given to foreigners who have made outstanding contributions to Shanghai’s economic and social development, and in 2015 it honored 50 individuals with silver and gold awards.

First China Health Policy Translation Network Forum

The First China Health Policy Translation Network Forum, held September 19-20 in Shanghai, convened health researchers and policy-makers to discuss ways to improve connectivity between the health sector’s knowledge suppliers and knowledge users. Despite the importance of health policy research translation, there has been little exchange to date amongst these two communities.

CMB Liaison Officers Workshop Held in Hangzhou

The CMB Liaison Officer Workshop held in June 17, 2015 in Hangzhou was designed to bring 20 key liaison officers up to speed on both CMB programming and the nuts and bolts of CMB grants management. These discussions were intended to help liaison officers and their colleagues develop sound proposals for CMB funding.

Westlake Youth Forum to Strengthen the Next Generation

Promoting innovations in health policy research among China’s next generation of researchers is the goal of the Westlake Youth Forum series. CMB in collaboration with Zhejiang University hosted the second Westlake Youth Forum in Hangzhou on June 16-17, 2015. Participating were about 80 Chinese and international scholars – nearly all associated with CMB’s young scholars capacity building work in China.