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CMB Celebrates 100th Anniversary in Beijing

CMB celebrated its 100th anniversary in Beijing on September 19-22, 2014. Joined by over 250 participants from more than 10 countries, the celebratory event was conducted as a series of collaborative exercises between CMB trustees and the Chinese government, PUMC, PUHSC, and partner universities throughout China and Asia.

American Philanthropy in China

“American Philanthropy in China: Retrospective and Prospective,” the third of four celebratory events marking CMB’s centennial in 2014, was held on June 5 at Asia Society in New York City. The event provided an opportunity to reflect on the momentous impact of Rockefeller and American philanthropies in China over the past 100 years, while also looking to the future of philanthropy in China.

CMB Centennial Book Series

As CMB enters its centennial in 2014, we are celebrating and highlighting 100 years of philanthropy through a series of activities, events, and projects. These projects include three new volumes on the histories of health, medicine, and philanthropy in China and Asia, published by Indiana University Press.

CMB 100th Documentary TV Series Preview

A CMB documentary TV series will present the untold story of China’s quest to advance the health of its people over a tumultuous century. Much of Chinese capacity was the introduction and expansion of modern medical sciences by CMB through its premier institution, the Peking Union Medical College.

CMB's Centennial Timeline

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the China Medical Board, CMB has created an interactive centennial timeline which shares scholarly research on the history of Asian health and medicine over the last 100 years. The timeline highlights the roles of the China Medical Board and its parent organization, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the impact they have had in China and Asia.

Medical Education in East Asia: Past & Future

At the second of four major celebratory events in 2014, the CMB celebrated its 100th anniversary by gathering together 70 distinguished colleagues for the workshop “Medical Education in East Asia: Past and Future” in Seoul, South Korea on April 11-12, 2014.

PMAC 2014 Transformative Learning for Health Equity

The 8th annual Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC) was held in Pattaya on January 29-31. Approximately 600 participants from over 80 countries participated in the conference with the theme “Transformative Learning for Health Equity”.

CMB 100th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

As the first of four major celebratory events, approximately 160 distinguished colleagues attended CMB’s 100th Anniversary Celebration Dinner in Bangkok on January 27, 2014. Reviewing history of CMB’s work in Asia and looking forward to a “second century,” the celebratory theme was CMB giving thanks for a century of partnerships.

CMB Celebrates its Centennial Year

What a century it has been for China, Asia, and CMB. Together with our partners, we have witnessed a century of astounding challenges and a century of incredible achievements. Since 1914, the region has been witness to dramatic ups and downs—epidemics, wars, famine—yet the people of China and much of Asia have experienced a doubling of life span, an unprecedented achievement in the history of humankind.

Global Health Linkages: Kunming and Southeast Asia

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of Kunming Medical College, CMB President Lincoln Chen attended the celebratory conference on rural medical education in China and neighboring Southeast Asia. The Kunming ceremony was opened by President Jiang Runsheng’s welcoming speech followed by representatives of staff, students, foreign friends, alumni, and the provincial government.