Southeast Asia

National Licensing Exam and Accreditation of Medical Education Program in Vietnam

This grant supports the MOH's plans to implement a National Licensure Exam and develop a National Accreditation system for medical training programs.

9th & 10th International Conference on Public Health among the Greater Mekong Subregional Countries

CMB will provide support for participants' travel and accommodation at these conferences, which will feature sessions on health equity.

Khon Kaen School of Public Health

The Equity Initiative: Leadership Transformation for Health Equity

Resources for Health Equity will conduct essential management tasks for the CMB-Atlantic Philanthropies Equity Initiative in Southeast Asia.

Resources for Health Equity

Improving Quality of Teaching and Learning: Toward Sustainable Academic Development of UHS

This project focuses on strategic plan implementation and internal quality assurance, as well as exploring a new model of multidisciplinary field study.

Privatization and PC Financing Analysis

This grant supports policy research and capacity building training and workshops in Vietnam. The policy research specifically focuses on high priority financing mechanisms for an 18-month internship for medical professionals, a new policy in post-graduate medical education.

Health Strategy and Policy Institute, Vietnam

National Health Education Reform

This grant supports a new initiative to transform health professional education in Thailand.

Health Professional Education Foundation, Thailand


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