Southeast Asia

Strategic Capacity Building

This two-year project supports strategic development of the University of Health Sciences (UHS), the only government-operated higher health professional education institution in Cambodia, producing over 85% of Cambodian health professionals. The project will support the UHS's new leadership to develop a strategic vision, enhance governance, outreach for advice, study tours to USA and Asian universities, and internal consultations with faculty and students. UHS will also develop a novel electronic information system to manage and support its faculty, students and finance and administrative staff.
University of Health Services (UHS), Cambodia

Strengthening Public Health Masters Program

This three-year project plans to strengthen masters-level public health training and improve fieldwork opportunities for students at the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH), which, as a representative body of the Cambodian Ministry of Health, provides public health and laboratory services, training, and research to improve the health of the Cambodian people.

Myanmar Regional Fellowship for Faculty Development

The five-year project will support master degree training of 15 Myanmar faculty members in biomedical sciences and public health through fully funded fellowships at Mahidol University, Thailand.

PhD Training in Community Epidemiology of Chinese Faculty

This four-year project at $268,740 will provide opportunities for faculties from selected schools of the rural network to pursue PhD studies in epidemiology in relation to rural health policy and systems.

Five-Country Network on Health Professional Education Reforms

In this 2.5-year project at $230,000, a five-country Asian regional network will make joint efforts in reforming health professional education.

Situation Analysis of Health Professional Education in Vietnam

This grant of $200,000 would support a national situation analysis of health professional education in Vietnam to identify critical areas and paths to reform for better serving the country’s health needs.

Thailand National Health Professional Education Initiative and Prince Mahidol Award Conference

This proposal supports at $500,000 over three years a national Thai initiative to promote innovations in health professional education following the recommendations of the Lancet Global Comission report “Health Professionals for a New Century”.

Center for Health Systems Research

This Project aims to establish a new Center for Health Systems Research in Hanoi Medical University in Vietnam.

Faculty and Information/Library Development

This three year proposal for $200,000 aims to strengthen capacity of faculty and upgrade information, library, internet, and learning materials.


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