Southeast Asia

Encouraging Health Equity in the COVID-19 Response in Southeast Asia

This project will supplement work done under a previous grant (20-363) to strengthen resilience of marginalized communities.

Resilient Health System in Conflict-Affected Areas

This project aims to develop the local health system and strengthen current community-based health services delivery in Chin State.

Burmese American Community Institute, Inc.

Vietnam Equity Network

The project will conduct a scoping review of stakeholders’ opinions about what equity is and how it can be promoted in a multisectoral collaboration, and also will identify and document good practices for equity actions.

Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population

Capacity Building for Mental Health Services

This project aims to gather information needed to identify and understand the issues and challenges facing the gay, bisexual, and men who have sex with men (GBMSM) population and improve  cultural competence and sensitivity among health care providers and CBOs.

APCOM Foundation

Institutionalizing Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

The project aims to develop evidence-based occupational, physical, and speech therapy instructional materials for children that are compatible with remote and teletherapy service delivery modes.

Independent Living Learning Centre, Inc.

Supporting Youth in Drug War-Affected Communities

This project aims to promote meaningful youth engagement while forging partnerships with NGOs and CBOs actively involved in supporting drug war-affected communities.


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