Southeast Asia

School-Based Mental Health Program Initiative to Improve Mental Health Awareness

This project aims to improve the quality of life for youths, especially those with mental health risk, and their families, in line with the goals of Indonesia Family Strengthening Policy, through school-based mental health support.

Rumpun Nurani Foundation

Strengthening Communication for Equity of the Marginalized in Thailand and Border

This project will engage with Thai media and marginalize communities to work on communication to influence decision-making over natural resource management and destructive development projects and policies.

Hill Area and Community Development Foundation

Building Community Partnerships for HIV Equity in Palawan

This project aims to reduce incidence of HIV thorugh improved access to information, screening, and treatment and through working with government stakeholders toimprove systems of support.

Roots of Health

Resilient Health System in Conflict-Affected Areas

This project  aims to strengthen community-based health services delivery in Chin State.

Community Approaches to Maternal and Newborn Health Equity in Rural Timor-Leste

This project will support community approaches to promote greater use of antenatal care and of births assisted by skilled attendants in Ataúro municipality.

Associação Maluk Timor

Financial Protection for Health Equity

This project aims to improve knowledge about accessing PhilHealth and attitudes about seeking health care among poor families in selected communities of Malabon City.


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