CMB Distinguished Professorship Awards

The CMB Distinguished Professorship Awards, introduced in 2008, provide financial support and professional recognition to faculty at CMB-affiliated medical universities, so that these outstanding medical professionals can pursue their interests in research, teaching, clinical practice, and collaboration. The most recent cohort of Distinguished Professors represents diverse interests: these individuals have expertise in fields such as mental health, rheumatology, stem cell research, public health, and oncology. What they share is an innovative approach to catalyzing progress in their respective areas of focus. Among the areas that Distingished Professors have pursued include creating an imaging tool for early diagnosis of mental illness, establishing China’s first doctorate in public health program, and translating scientific breakthroughs to the practice of cancer treatment.

The program, administered by the Beijing office of the Institute of International Education, has made awards to a total of 21 individuals in three classes. These individuals are selected by an independent review panel of international experts, with decisions based on applicants’ academic excellence, acknowledged leadership in professional circles, and personal character and integrity. “Our intent, through these awards, is to help build leadership at key Chinese medical universities,” said CMB President Lincoln Chen. “Through CMB’s contact with the Distinguished Professors, we can deepen our understanding of the needs confronting medical education in China, which has benefits for all of our grant-making.”

Further information on the selection of CMB Distinguished Professors, as well as on the CMB Faculty Development Awards and CMB Next Generation Fellowships can be found on the IIE website. To read more about current and former CMB Distinguished Professors, please click on the individual names below.

2010 Distinguished Professors

Gong Qiyong, Sichuan University

Li Tao, Sichuan University

Li Zhanguo, Beijing University

Tang Qiqun, Fudan University

Yan Hong, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Zhang Hongbing, Peking Union Medical College

2009 Distinguished Professors

Cheng Tao, Peking Union Medical College

Gu Dongfeng, Peking Union Medical College

He Chao, Zhejiang University

Liu Jin, Sichuan University

Liu Qiang, Sun Yatsen University

2008 Distinguished Professors

Jiang Jiandong, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences

Ke Yang, Peking University

Song Erwei, Sun Yatsen University

Wan Xuehong, Sichuan University

Wu Qunhong, Harbin Medical University

Xia Xiulong, Jiujiang University

Xiao Shuiyuan, Central South University

Xu Biao, Fudan University

Zang Weijin, Xi’an Jiaotong University

Zhu Shankuan, Zhejiang University