CMB Calls on Vietnam Vice Minister of Health Le Quang Cuong

CMB President Lincoln Chen called on Vietnam Vice Health Minister Le Quang Cuong in Hanoi on January 14, 2015.  Newly appointed, Professor Cuong leads the government’s work in Science, Technology, & Education.

Accompanied by Dr. Le Nhan Phuong of Resources for Health Equity, the purpose of the meeting was to discuss Vietnam’s reform of its medical education system. Professor Cuong emphasized the importance of achieving “competencies” and “coordinating educational and health systems.” Training of doctors in Vietnam is 6 years, followed by an internship and residency. Special efforts are being made to train family practitioners. The meeting focused especially the Vietnam’s newly developing 18 month internship program and training of commune-based primary health care. There was agreement that CMB would continue to cooperate with the government in reforming Vietnam’s medical education. To understand Vietnam’s developments in depth, Drs. Lincoln Chen and Le Nhan Phuong visited medical education institutions and programs in Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat, and Can Tho.