Philanthropy for Health in China

Breakthroughs in health have been sparked by philanthropic work over the past century. The future, too, may be propitious. Innovations in health and the explosive growth of private wealth in China are creating unprecedented opportunities for community giving in the health sector. Importantly, the priority the Chinese government has accorded to social development suggests a welcoming environment for innovations in health. What has been the historical evolution of health philanthropy over the course of the 20th century and what are the prospects for a new generation of health philanthropy in China?

In commemoration of its centenary in 2014, CMB has supported an academic examination of philanthropy for health in China with contributions from Chinese and Western scholars, policy-makers, and thought leaders.

“Drawing on the expertise of Chinese and Western academics and practitioners, the contributors to this volume aim to advance the understanding of philanthropy for health in China in the 20th century and to identify future challenges and opportunities. Considering government, NGO leaders, domestic philanthropists, and foreign foundations, the volume examines the historical roots and distinct stages of philanthropy and charity in China, the health challenges philanthropy must address, and the role of the Chinese government, including its support for Government Organized Non-Governmental Organizations (GONGOs). The editors discuss strategies and practices of international philanthropy for health; the role of philanthropy in China’s evolving health system; and the prospects for philanthropy in a country beginning to engage with civil society.”
-Indiana University Press

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