Lancet China Series Launch

Vice Chairman Chen Zhu of China's People's Congress at the launch of The Lancet-CMB China Series at PUHSC, September 22, 2014.

Vice Chairman Chen Zhu of China's People's Congress presided at the launch of The Lancet-CMB China Series at a special workshop at Peking University Health Sciences Center on September 22, 2014.  Commenting on the Lancet-CMB China series, Vice Chairman Chen Zhu offered a scientific approach to strategies of "health in all policies" to address the social determinants of health in China. Altogether, some 200 participants joined the workshop.

The China Series was an ambitious set of peer-reviewed academic papers on China’s Health Future published in the September issue of The Lancet. Altogether 20 China health pieces were published in a single Lancet volume. Four core papers covered China’s rapid transition and control of NCDs, China’s distinctive engagement in global health, policies to manage private investments in hospital care, and China’s health professional education reform. PUHSC vice-president Ke Yang was the principal panelist of a session on experiences with China’s educational reforms. Liu Peilong and Guo Yan of PUHSC responded to commentary by Japan’s Keizo Takemi on China and global health, and Jeff Koplan of Emory University and Yu Hai of Zhejiang University joined the panel on NCDs.

Along with these full papers, brief commentaries celebrated the CMB century of Rockefeller health philanthropy and examined a range of health issues, including China’s global health policies, environmental health, and the challenge of healthy aging. In addition, the issue carries a report of minister Li Bin's efforts to reform the work of the National Health and Family Planning Commission; a profile on global health leader Professor of Public Health at PUHSC Guo Yan, and a book review of the CMB centennial volume Medical Transitions in Twentieth-Century China, co-edited by Bridie Andrews and Mary Bullock, published by Indiana University Press in 2014.