Happy Thanksgiving to Our Partners and Colleagues


The Thanksgiving holiday, celebrated in the United States on November 24, is an occasion to express our gratitude to CMB’s many partners and colleagues throughout the world. We are indeed fortunate to have so many individuals and institutions working alongside us to advance health, equity, and the quality of care throughout Asia.

The enduring image of Thanksgiving is a table surrounded by family and friends, celebrating the gift of each other’s company and sharing the contributions each has made to the feast before them. Likewise, my CMB colleagues and I celebrate our partners and colleagues for their willingness to convene around shared goals and solutions, with each offering their expertise, insights, and resources. That generosity of spirit, we hope, will enable even greater progress to building the world we want, enhancing the health and well-being of all.

We are thankful for your continued friendship and collaboration.

Barbara J. Stoll
CMB President