A New Year's Greeting from CMB

As the Year of the Dragon approaches, symbolizing strength and prosperity, we extend heartfelt wishes to all from the China Medical Board (CMB). This occasion beckons us to reflect on our collaborative strides and look forward to the promising ventures that lie ahead to enhance health collaboration between the U.S. and China, which can benefit the global community.

 The past year, pivotal for CMB, has seen revitalized Sino-U.S. collaborations in health. Since assuming the new positions, we've actively engaged with key stakeholders in both nations, emphasizing our dedication to enhancing global public health collaboratively. Remaining at the forefront of addressing health challenges through international collaboration and shared expertise, our efforts have underscored CMB's role as a catalyst for promoting people-to-people exchange in health between the U.S. and China.

Looking forward to the Year of the Dragon and drawing inspiration from the wisdom encapsulated in the phrase “龙行龘龘” (lóng xíng dá dá), a vivid portrayal of dragons soaring with vigor and enthusiasm, we are committed to nurturing the next generation of health leaders, empowering them to rise and soar like dragons, embodying strength, innovation, and global perspectives. As CMB marks its 110th anniversary in 2024, we are committed to deepening our collaboration with both U.S. and Chinese partners, as well as bridging cultures and knowledge for the betterment of the world. In this moment of celebration, let us recommit to health as a bridge for understanding and friendship between the U.S. and China. May the Year of the Dragon herald a period of health and prosperity in our collaborative endeavors for a healthier and more connected world.

On behalf of CMB's trustees and staff, we sincerely wish you a prosperous, joyful, and healthy Year of the Dragon!

Roger I. Glass, MD, PhD
President, China Medical Board

Barbara J. Stoll, MD
Senior Advisor, China Medical Board

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