Children's Hospital, Boston

Development of CHPAMS Phase III

This phase of support for CHPAMS includes mentoring of members, collaborative exchange and research, and support for independent fundraising.

Global Health Youth Forum

This project will organize a roundtable dialogue among young global health leaders within the annual Beijing Forum for Global Health.

Silk Road Global Health Initiative

This project proposes to examine health burden and healthcare facilities and resources along the new Silk Road and identify opportunities for global health collaboration.

Global Health Fellowships

This two-year project extends an earlier CMB grant to the Department of Global Health of the University of Washington (U Wash), for supporting master and doctoral degree training in global health. 

Tom Kessinger Asia Summer Internship

This internship is for Haverford students to explore, learn about, and contribute to issues related to health, education, and well-being in Asia, especially in Southeast Asia.

Haverford College

CHPMAS Activities 2014-2-16

This grant to China Health Policy and Management Society (CHPAMS) supports its activities between 2014 and 2016.
Magdalene College, Cambridge, UK University of Washington


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