CMB 2019-2021 Report: Our Mission, Current Programs, and Outlook for the Future


I am pleased to share with you CMB’s 2019-2021 report, which highlights the programs that CMB’s staff and partners have developed and implemented over the past several years.  This report covers a period of transition within CMB – with Lincoln Chen’s retirement after 14 years as CMB’s president – and challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, which required us to rethink how we direct our resources and design our programs.  I am proud of the ways in which our staff, in collaboration with our partners in Asia, maintained CMB’s steadfast commitment to the mission of advancing health, equity, and the quality of care during this period. 

The programs highlighted in the report rest upon a firm foundation of collaborative partnerships, and our efforts during the pandemic certainly underscored the value of those relationships.  As COVID-19 emerged, we could call upon the partnerships, networks, and knowledge built through years of programming in medical education, health systems, global health, and leadership development.  With trusted relationships in place, we could work with our partners on science-based responses to protect frontline workers and build capacity to respond to emerging infectious diseases.  We could give the Senior Fellows in our Equity Initiative resources to scale up their work and help them to minimize COVID’s impact on vulnerable communities. 

The report also points to the future, as it touches on some of our newest areas of programming, including support for global health fellowships, training in academic pediatrics, a neonatal follow-up program with the Chinese Neonatal Network, and graduate education for clinical pharmacists.  I know we will continue to draw on a deep reservoir of relationships and expertise as we implement these new programs and continue to respond to health priorities and challenges in Asia.

Please click here to download the report.

Thank you for your interest in CMB. We welcome your feedback on our programs.


Barbara J. Stoll, MD
President, China Medical Board