Centennial Timeline

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the China Medical Board, CMB has launched a timeline which shares scholarly research on the history of Asian health and medicine over the last hundred years. In this timeline, we highlight the roles of the China Medical Board and its parent organization, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the impact they have had in China and Asia. This project aims to serve several purposes: to contribute to the historical records, to preserve archival materials through digitization, to stimulate scholarship beyond the scope of published papers, and to foster academic sharing on the web.

The timeline consists primarily of significant facts and figures about CMB's work and RF history as it relates to Asian health. It also includes interactive virtual exhibits, combinations of clickable essays and photo slideshows, which discuss in greater depth the history, themes, and overarching questions concerning health and philanthropy in Asia in attempt to document, analyze, and bring to life the peoples, ideas, institutions and values of CMB and RF philanthropic engagement.

Please take a look at CMB's Centennial Timeline.